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Alambre Fused Clapton Coil


Handcrafted from the highest grade Nichrome 80 available on the market, Alambre Fused Claptons have been proven to perform better than standard style coils.


Built with quality in mind, these coils are a MUST for anyone who drips or chases clouds.


This is a powerful low resistance product intended for use by advanced vapers who have a basic understanding of battery safety and know how to install intricate coils properly. Use high drain batteries when operating.


2 x 24g Nichrome 80 Wire / 2 x 26g Nichrome 80 Wire

1 x 36g Nichrome 80 Wire

2.4mm ID

~0.09 Ohms / Dual Coil / ~0.15 Ohms / Dual Coil

Lifespan of 3+ months if properly maintained

Instant ramp time

Amazing cloud production

Heavy flavor with exceptional wicking properties

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